The second direction of ShilpSala is to encourage and engage with academic initiatives that aim to augment the already existing knowledge base. The primary objective of this research would be to address the issues and challenges related to the understanding and conservation of historic built environment. A list of successfully completed projects in the past by the Director of ShilpSala, along with one or more advisors, includes:

Conservation and Development Guidelines for the development of area around Protected Monuments
Case study Ajmeri Gate, Shahjahanabad

Conservation Today, Conservation Tomorrow
A two-day seminar on conservation principles and practices

Charter for the Conservation of Unprotected Architectural Heritage and Sites in India

Delhi: A Heritage City

Exploring the Third Space
One-day seminar on 'Reading Architecture'

Imagining Delhi
An exhibition on various urban aspects and characteristics of Delhi

Structural Stabilization and Site Conservation, City Palace Udaipur
A five-day workshop on architectural conservation

Urban Regeneration of Historic Areas
One-day seminar on urban conservation, Delhi